Try Not To Think About It

by If It Plays

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released March 13, 2012



all rights reserved


If It Plays Chicago, Illinois

"If It Plays" debut ep "Try Not To Think About It" will be out soon and contains 3 songs written over the past few months. Each song carries it's own, ranging from straight rock, to indie, to punk, to pop. Recorded and mixed in Chicago, the ep promises one thing, good music according to us.

If It Plays
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Track Name: Anchor

Baby I don't care where we go
Leave behind all that we know
Live our lives on a sail boat
Stay right there for me to hold
Baby I don't care what you say
Criticize the way I think
Laugh at me for being lame
Promise I'll love you the same

And if I died, and ghosts were true
I'd come it back to be with you
I'd stay close enough to feel
You'd be my anchor holding still
And if you start to feel alone
I'll find a way to get you home
I'll be your light that you can't see
just please don't forget me

I hate it when you lose things
You always seem to blame me
Its secretly endearing
I'll find it like everything
I love all the games that we play
All the voices that we say
How fast you fall asleep
We just fit so easily
Track Name: Try Not To Think About It
Try Not To Think About It

When we got together
Nothing could be better
Your love was like water
And I was drinking it in
A few months were perfect
Then I didn't deserve it
You took back your love
And told me it was the end

How could I have known
All of this was coming
Like a bombshell in my face
I'm giving you yours today

Cause I've got, the perfect plan for you
Why don't, you go sit in your room
Write down, all I did for you
So you can feel better about yourself
How bout, you drive into a lake
Don't worry I already cut your brakes
And drown, alone all by yourself
Just try not to think about it

At your memorial service
I'll act like I'm hurt and
Fake like I'm crying
While you begin to decay
I'll say that I loved you
And wish I could hug you
While secretly thinking
What a wonderful day

If only I had told you
All the things I was thinking
Before you went away
Did I make a mistake?

I hope you, don't make it
I dream that, you're lonely
I wish you, the worst and
I pray you die alone
All the times, you played me
All the lies, you're saying
And now that, you're sinking
I hope you die alone
Track Name: You Wanted This
You Wanted This

There must be something more that I can do
Will you please calm down so we can talk this out
You say there's nothing else here for you
And your leaving now

You said you wanted this
When I was hesitant
You showed me what you meant
And I believed everything now i'm
Messed up, turned out
My whole world's upside down
While you pretend that your happy now
I Hope, some day
I can figure it out
Maybe I'm wrong about everything

Now you won't even pick up my calls
You can't say that your completely okay
And I'll give and I'll change it all
Tell me what to say

My lungs feel like they could bleed
I think my heart stopped beating
If this is it then I think
That I'll lose everything
You say this is what you need
How can I trust anything
You say it so easier
Quit lying to me

And I know, yea I know that your leaving me now
For all the wrong reasons
And you'll go and maybe you'll figure it out
That I'm not around anymore